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Thread: Kazaa-lite 2.6 Full

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    Hey all,

    I just installed the full version of kazaa-lite 2.6 (klite26rc22full) and it installed fine. Everything workes except the much needed search button. When i press the search button, the program crashes and i get the microsoft error reporting box.

    I had a problem like this with the old 2.44 kazaa lite. I would get the same error, however kazaa would not even open, it crashed before it even started heh.

    (This all happens after a clean install)

    Are there any known conflicting programs? Anything i should change or try?

    I just got a new computer, its a dell running xp home.

    Kazza lite worked fine and still does on my old computer, i even networked to two and sent the onld kazaa installer over, but it still crashed when i open the program after installing it.

    I have read at all the posts realting to kazaa lite errors and the FAQ but to no avail

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank You - Rhys :helpsmile:

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    Is this just a single tabbed search? Have you tried deleting your db folder?
    Some more details on your system (OS etc), would also help.

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    Wow thanks for that, deleting the items in the database folder solved my problem. Thanks alot and soz about not posting the specs heh.

    Cheers mate.


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    I have been having problems with kazaa for about a week now and i finally have time to try and fix it now. I started getting an error about a week ago with my version 2.4.3 k++. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and still got the error, so I decided to upgrade to 2.6, which i did. Now i can load the program which i couldn't even do with the 2.4.3 for about a week now, but it crashes with a windows error message every time I try to open a search. I deleted the files in my DB folder, and that doesn't help. Any Ideas?


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