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Thread: More Anti Pci Express Stuff

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    Seems that even the X800XT doesnt gain any performance in if you were holding off for a PCI Express board, might be worth getting the AGP version untill the new-gen cards come out.

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    That review slightly is better than the Anandtech one, but only very slightly

    Once again the tester's haven't really got a clue what they are seeing. Painkiller shows the bus performance starting to be tested in the lowest resolution they tried, but get onto the Farcry test and we see GPU performance being tested, with all the options set to maximum. These tossers don't seem to realise that to test buis speed you need to set all those options to minimum. Same again with UT2004.

    I didn't bother looking at the rest of the tests, no point really.

    Its also clear that right now PCIe doesnt have the hardware available to stress its theoretical bandwidth limitations with the R423 performing no better and in some cases slightly worse than its AGP counterpart.
    It is clear that they haven't stressed their brains when they thought up those tests. Certainly the PCIe offering performs slightly worse in some areas, but that's unlikely to be the fault of the PCIe bus.

    There is one thing these tests show to great effect - if you want a test to show one card as being poorer than another, careful selection of test conditions will do just that. That would be another one off my list of reviewers to trust, but they were already off.
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