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Thread: E Mule Plus Connection

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    I have been trying out e mule plus and I keep getting a lowid . What are the ports that i should forward to my router and where in the preferances will I find them ???

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    Follow this path:

    preferences>connection (Your ports will be listed in upper right of box)

    Default ports are 4662 & 4672 but you can use a random port as long as the settings in your router and EMule Plus match.
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    Thats what I thought . I did foward those ports and I still get a lowid. I cannot understand why this is happining ???

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    If you are using a firewall with your router, don't forget to clear the ports there as well.

    If that's all set, close any other p2p apps you may be running and try connecting to eMule with no other demands on your connection (you can open them afterward but I have found that I occasionally will get a fake lowID if I happen to have DC open while I log on to eMule). If this doesn't work, try several different servers (Razorback 2 should be one of them) and see if you are getting the same result.

    Plus also maintains a good FAQ. If you haven't had the chance to visit:
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    Thats strange I opened up ports to 4713 and it worked...

    Thanks all


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