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Thread: Error Connecting To P2p Network

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    Sorry if this is the wrong forum - but someone PLEASE HELP! I am going through filesharing withdrawal!!!

    I am having MAJOR problems attempting to connect to ANY P2P network.
    I am unable to install Kazza desktop (the free version) - I've downloaded the installation software, but keep receiving the message "error code 19-1200-2-0", saying I cannot connect to the P2P network. I used Kazaa Lite in the past and had gotten rid of it for a time, after my computer was nearly destroyed by adware and hijackers. Since I've gotten rid of all that, I want to get back on the filesharing bandwagon. Now I can't get Kazaa to work, nor any other filesharing software. I have tried gnutella programs like bearshare and limewire, as well as kazza, morpheus and emule but no matter what I try I can't connect to anyone.
    I do not have a firewall, just popup and adware blockers. My ISP swears they do not block gnutella or others. My system is IBM/Win98, dsl/cable.

    Is there a valiant computer genius out there who can come to my rescue?!

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    you have a lot to learn.. first of all get rid of that rubbish called kazaa media desktop

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    no shit and upgrade to 2kpro (clean install) that should take care of a majority of the problems (spywear and such)

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    You said no firewall, but that is only the first step. Do you use a router? Is your connection your own or are you on a LAN?
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    My connection is my own, and I'm attached directly to my cable outlet (no router).

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    Get K-Lite 2.6 RC22 from my sig and see if you're able to connect.


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