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    Hi all,

    I've been using kazaa for sometime but never actually needed help this desperately. Here it is, recently downloaded C&C Generals which took me over a week to complete despite I'm running on broadband, was really looking forward to it too coz all the other C&C games were dissapoitment so thought I'd try this one out before rushing out to buy it since all others were complete waste of money.
    I downloaded a few fake ones (turned out to be the sims or other s*ite like that, dont know why peeps are doing so stupid things and renaming them ) then I downloaded what seemed to be genuine with 687Mb and apperently tested and played, bur every time I click on it a windows screen (seems like a dos command screen) pops up for a few seconds then nothing happens afterwards, it hasnt said anything about the OS on the download message but I'm on winXP.

    I looked all over this forum to find some answers but couldnt come across any like this and never knew this place was so huge.
    Any help/ideas appreciated on this guys, and I'll swear I'll be sharing this game 4ever.


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    Probably missing or corupt data.
    Dump kazaa. It is a tool of the past that all too many noobs cling to because it the only thing they have ever known.

    I would recommend Bit torrent. I have yet to find one misnamed or non-working file. It maybe a little strange at first, but it's very easy to use with a little learning.

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    ed2k and Overnet are also good for games if you cannot find it on BT. (Definitely junk Kazaa and FT. )
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    thanx a lot for the advise, no luck yet will write back again if I get any results.


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    Uninstall KMD and run adaware to remove the spyware from your computer, but if you still want to use the Fasttrack network for other things than games, then I personally recommend K-Lite 2.6 (spyware free).
    Of course there are always other programs which the above posters have mentioned, but I don't download many games, so I can't personally recommend which one to use.


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