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Thread: Burning Movie Files

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    I have just tried to put a file onto cdr through nero vcd. After it had finished encoding the file it says there is not enough room on the disk. Is there anyway of putting the file onto two disk?

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    U need Tmpegnc to split it and ecnoce. don't use nero to encode it is dodgy

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    This page will tell you how to do it. You'll also find a lot of other useful info on the site.

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    Thank you ......... Adthomp and Skillian
    I downloaded temgenc which is a 30 day free trial. Do you know where i can download a free virsion from?

    P.S It works great by the way.

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    Actually you have o think what you want to do with them if you just want to watch them on your p.c. then you should be able to fit them onto one disk but if you want to convert them into VCDs then do the above B)


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