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Thread: Questions About Grokster

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    Alright i'm looking for a second program to run since I look for stuff using autosearch more in kazaa which prevents me from looking for other things I want. I tried fileshare but it's just like emule with the having to log onto servers. If you've got a copy of grokster could you please post it in software world or verifieds if that's back up.

    Now onto my other question can this be run besides kazaa? Filsshare can but I couldn't get the thing going connectionwise(it wouldn't connect) and if kazaa was on and i double clicked it the kazaa windoew would come up until I closed it. Only then could I work Grokster. I figure it has something to do with the spyware laced copy I had. I've heard it slammed a lot and mayt just use fileshare but if anyone knows please tell me.

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    sorry, i don't think that Grokster hasn't back up yet....

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    Hmm. I saw an article up on zeropaid though earlier this month so I thought it worked.

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    I'm pretty sure Grokster which is another FTN client like KL cannot run or even be installed w/KL. Try Shareaza or SoulSeek.

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    try limewire....

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    I'm think this topic is more something for Other Related P2P Discussions.

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    You cannot run kazaa and grokster at the same time as use same network.I'm using kilte and can use them together.Get soulseek here

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    Shareaza takes forever to scan your folder. I'll check out limewire. Though the obscure 80's alternative stuff i'm looking for will be hard to find I think. I used soulseek before but the loooooong queques are annoying. And if you're not at your computer things in your wishlist that pop up will go away I think. I was wondering how you go tthat many post Nemo I just noticed you were TBO. That third link is devious. I got the hell out of there quick. lol

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    Originally posted by slick nick@19 March 2003 - 12:33
    Shareaza takes forever to scan your folder.
    it scan it because shareaza don't want that some one share dangerous/fakes thing.. and it's make safely to all of us shareaza to use it...

    btw i had about 5GB stuff.. and it scaned it in 5 min..

    if u click one time on that mesaage that show it is scaning... so it will be gone..

    ....AND you can only open one Fastrack client at once...

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    Lol Nemo i just noticed your links... cool stuff although it guessed my browser wrong. I guess it doesn't recognize NetCaptor as it's almost like IE


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