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Thread: Kazza Lite Download Icons

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    I have been using Kazza lite for a long time now. Until today, I've had no problem.

    I'm using 2.4.3 and all my downloads usually come out great.

    Today, I tried using it and every thing that appears in the search field (other then wav files) are blank icons where I have to pull up a program, winamp or like, to hear them. All I get when I do this is blips of sound or a buzzing noise. This also occurs while trying to hear it while downloading through the K-lite player.

    I have unistalled and reinstalled with the same results.
    All my older music I've downloaded plays fine in all programs.

    Again, all the search icons are blank in Kazaa and no sound from any of the downloads as of today. (at least that I've noticed today)

    Please help!

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    All my icons are back but still no sound from any new file I've downloaded

    Any suggestions?

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    It sounds like these could be fake files which are put on by the record companies to deter people from filesharing, which unfortunately are quite common these days.
    There are several tips available in this forum about how to avoid fake files, so try them and good luck.


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