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Thread: Nate Sallie

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    Has anyone heard of nate sallie? i heard his song "inside out" the other day and liked it. However i can't find his songs anywhere am i gonna have to buy the cd?

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    Go use SoulSeek - you'll find it.

    Artist - Nate Sallie
    Album Title - Inside Out
    Date of Release - Jun 10, 2003
    Genre - Rock
    Styles - Punk, Pop

    1. Inside Out (Estes/Sallie) - 2:55
    2. It's About Time (Benenate/Gerrard/Sallie) - 3:41
    3. All About You (Estes/Sallie) - 3:30
    4. Save Me (Bieck/Bieck/Sallie) - 3:27
    5. Without You (Estes/Sallie) - 3:16
    6. Beautiful Surprise (Benenate/Gerrard/Sallie) - 3:17
    7. Whatever It Takes (Benenate/Gerrard/Sallie) - 4:14
    8. What Are We Waiting For (Estes/Sallie) - 3:21
    9. Never Again...Again (Benenate/Gerrard/Sallie) - 3:18
    10. Lead Us (Bieck/Bieck/Sallie) - 3:52

    In June 2003, singer/songwriter Nate Sallie released his debut album Inside Out. Accurately described by his label, Curb Records, as having "genuine cross-market multi-format appeal" while "perfectly balancing monster hooks with a raw energy that nods respectfully back to the power of early punk," Inside Out is an album that has "radio singles" written all over it. Comparable in certain elements to music by The Cars, Seal, and even Megadeth, it features intricate guitar, synth, and drum arrangements. Songs include "Without You" and "Whatever It Takes."



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