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Thread: Dvd Burning

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    I have a CD-WR drive on my cpu. I would likie to burn movies onto a CD, do I need a DVD burner, or something like that? Or, can I burn movies on a CD and still be able to play them on a DVD player (not on my computer, but on a regular DVD player)??

    Ive burned one movie to a CD, but have not tryied playing it on a friends DVD player. please respond...

    Loyal Kazaa user,


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    yes u can burn a movie on too a reg cd to watch on a dvd player

    but u must burn it a vcd and the dvd player must be a newer one that suports cds

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    Check out this site


    It will tell you all u need to know and how to do it

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    DVD Copy Plus will make the appropriate files for you. Can be used as a tutorial.

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    at bottom of page.

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    Thank u guys!!

    Ill try it, and im sure it will work....

    THank u again,

    Kazaa lite user



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