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Thread: New Zone Alarm Update Work With Emule?

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    Does the new Zone Alarm update fix the CPU Overload issue with emule/edonkey clients?

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    I think the same problem happens when you try to use BitTorrent. The update did NOT fix the issue, bittorrent would crash/freeze the computer (and I think I tried emule and the same thing happened). I got overly frusterated with it so I just switched firewalls and now use Sygate which works fine with them.

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    Just stop using ZoneAlarm!

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    I'm not going to vouch for ZA 5.0 b/c there do seem to be quite a few bugs popping up, but I'm using ZA 4.5 and have never had a conflict with eMule Plus.

    One caveat: ZA does need to be properly configured if it is to work with any p2p software. This is going to take more than a quick 5 minutes of your time. For me this is time well spent, but for many others it is too much bother. If you fall into the latter category this is not a put down; time is valuable and doesn't need to be spent learning the ins and outs of ZA if you are not inclined use Sygate as others have recommended.
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