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Thread: About:blank Has Taken Over My Ie - Spyware

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    Hi guys im BAK!!!

    hehe first time posting here in a while anyway got a spyware problem. Everytime i open up internet explorer or i minimize AIM then open it back up again from the taskbar this happens:

    (my picture didn't upload, anyone got a site i can host it?)

    I read up a little bit on it but it involves making a log of all windows does and like starting from there im not sure... help plz?

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    Download and run HijackThis. Click "scan" and then" make log". Paste the contents of the log file here.
    It might be better to post your log at Spyware Info forums, They have experts in this stuff.

    Run an updated spybot and adaware before making and posting a hijackthis log.

    Before you run it, check for updates.Click the gear at the top and change these settings:
    general> activate:automatically save log file,automatically quarantine objects prior to removal
    scanning> activate:scan within archives, scan active processes, scan registry, deep scan registry,
    scan my IE Favorites for banned sites and scan my hosts file

    tweaks>scanning engine>activate:unload recognized processes during scanning.
    tweaks>cleaning engine>activate:automatically try to unregister objects prior to deletion and let windows remove
    files in use after reboot

    click proceed to save your settings.

    Now run it, make sure "activate in-depth scan " is checked. Fix anything it finds.

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    Good luck.Could be that Virus.Seems this little F*** has hit a few people.

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    What happens ? No picture, so explain instead please.

    Do you receive a pop up when you open IE?

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    Originally posted by Robert00000@26 June 2004 - 14:04
    What happens ?    No picture, so explain instead please.

    Do you receive a pop up when you open IE?
    This is what he's meaning

    edit: better link


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