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Thread: Booting Probs With New Pc

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    Hey all, am building a pc with a friend, have a new motherboard, processor etc and have set it all up according to the manual though when booting (using the hard drive for my comp I'm using now .. ) .. After choosing to start windows normally I am faced with a flash of a blue screen before a reset. (The blue screen being the error saying that I have recently changed or removed hardware etc or a long line of code with driver erros etc. The flash is too quick for me to note any of it down.)

    So my question is .. what steps shall I take to try and solve this?

    Edit: Oh, and in case this matters ... heres the specs at the moment:

    40gb seagate HDD
    256 ddr 2700
    Geforce FX5200 128mb
    Athlon xp 3000+
    K8N Neo Msi Motherboard
    ATX case (with 2 usb, mic and speaker port at front with see through side, lights inside etc)

    What I think could be the problem is perhaps how the front connecters are set up for audio/usb which is preventing the boot but could be wrong. If anyone has a large picture showing clearly where each connector should go it would be helpful ...

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    Use a fresh windows install.
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    You problem stems from trying to use the HDD from your computer.
    Windows wants to see the exact same hardware config and drivers that it was originally installed with and it's not, so it gets confused and ultimately crashes.

    You will need to do a fresh install and use all the drivers specific to your new mobo and hardware.
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    You need to do a fresh install of windows, format and install. Only way (repair install may work, but not guaranteeing anything).


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