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Thread: Saves Streams?

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    Hey all .. anyone know how I can save streams?
    I'm talking files such as soundclick music, streaming video etc .. any ideas?

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    there was this link I dont know if it works for videos but give it a try

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    Thanks .. that may come in use .. main things I'm looking to save are 'hi-fi' streams from soundclick (non mp3) .. and videos from launch and similar places which have strict streaming.

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    Doesn't help much mate .. only that thread links to is a page of software which don't seem to be work and downloads at 1kb a sec so not much use but thanks for posting anyway. Anyone else know of a software to save streams?

    Or any other types of streams for that matter.

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    Get a program called StreamBoxVCR.

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    I checked the site and it seems all you need is URL snooper (google it or check the site mentioned in the post I linked). Start it up and click on a "Hi-Fi" link and you should see a URL ( was the one that I got when testing). Simple copy that and paste it into Frontpage and make it a hyperlink and then preview and "right click - > save target as" (note: the file was only 128kbps ).


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