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Thread: Wierd Out Of Sync

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    okay I use TMPGEnc to convert a movie to mpgeg-2 SVCD it is fine when I play it on the computer I then burn it to CD it plays find on the computer in syn and all and then put it in my DVD player and about 30 minutes through the ausio stops for 2 seconds comes back on and its out of sync! I cant understand it this has happened several times before as well I use nero just to burn
    Most of the time its fine but a thew times now this has happened. What could my problem be?

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    If it play perfectly on you pc, try burning it onto a cd-rw to play in your dvd player. Some cd-r's are becoming less cooperative with dvd players due to a lighter ink being used on the surface. I had a similar problem once and it seemed the dvd player just couldn't read a tiny part of the cd. Cd-rw's use darker ink so see if it clears up the problem. I would also look up your brand of cd-r and dvd player on to see if anyone has had any similar problems. You may need to switch brands of cd-r.


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