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Thread: Freezing

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    kazaa is freezing every 2 secs whenever i search, its not even a big search, how do i fix this shit

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    It's prob a corrupted .dat file. Try going to your "My shared folder" and moving all the files ending in .dat to another folder and start Klite. IF it works fine, it's a .dat file. Just turn off klite and move the files back one at a time and restart klite each time. When it freezes again, you'll know which one(s) is corrupted. Just delete it. It'll take a while. If you dont want the .dats, you can jsut delete them all if that's the problem. IF it aint the prob, post back with more info and we'll try again....


    PS-Where's sharedholder and 2massive4u when you need'em??

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