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    Hello I've been coming here for around a year and using Klite for almost 2 but just recently registered.

    But anyways I have a question about psx burnt games, I have a PSone with a stealth chip in it and it has been working great even with the new games that I have coped' like Madden 2003, but I have had a problem with one game, 007 Tommorow Never Dies. I have try'ed two disks and both havne't worked? Do I have to patch the game or something before burning it? Thanks for your help

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    i know how to burn the game but i dont have a mod-chip .i think u have to use a boot disk.or its a iso then burn the iso with iso burner and done

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    I know how to burn games too, i've been doing it for years. It just that this one game won't work on my playstation. It gets to the loading screen (shows the James Bond loading screen) then it goes black and won't go to the menu. I was wondering if I have to patch the game before burning it? or if I have to do something to it before burning

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    nah no idea there will be any prob with the game files

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    have u tri that game with a different burner ! and check what protectin!

    when i used to burn games it burn't and played fine for me

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    thanks! I'll check around at h**tp:// It's probally a different type of protection on the game. Thanks again


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