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Thread: I Am Always Never In A Queue

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    Why is it that everytime I try to download anything from mirc, I am always never in a queue.
    for example, when i try to download a movie it says that the queue already has 20/20 people in it and that i should try again later.
    I wouldn't mind if it only happened to some downloads but it happens to everything I try to download

    How do you people even get anything downloaded, because when I EVENTUALLY get in a queue, it takes forever for me to get to the front to even START the download

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    You have to have alot of patience with mIRC.You just have to be there a the right time.I personally don`t bother with the queue`s because mine not set to accept automatically i like to know what i`m about to accept.When new stuuff does come out on mIRC loads off people are trying to get them at once.If you leave it for a while other channels start to share the stuff as well.


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