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Thread: Help Why The Game Do Not Play

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    ok i dowload to files iso game warcraft III the first one i can burn it on a cd and i can install it and cd key is good but i can t play with the game

    the secound one same thing but when i star the cd nothing happend and i can t no see the file on the cd as is nevr burn it but when i look the proprietie of the cd i show me thats is ful no space available why is that


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    Prob a corrupted or fake file. If it came off KLite it could be either.

    What software are u using to burn your cd's? If it's nero, skip nero express and use the burning rom. I like NERO platinum.

    For nero, just start up the ROM and click NEW ('File' at top left of window or the icon under 'file' that looks like a piece of paper). IN the 'new compilation' box choose 'open'. Use the drop sown box in the new window to choose 'image files (.nrg .iso .cue)' so it'll hide non image files. and migrate to the image you want to burn. Burn it.

    First, though, get Alchohol 120%, it'll create a virtual cd/dvd rom on you HD. Use that to mount and install the game. This has 1 major and 1 minor +:
    !-You know you got a good copy and don't have to burn a coaster.
    2-Some games need the cd in the drive to play. It can use the virtual which is muuuuch fast than the real one. I know about no-cd patches which is why I listed this as a minor + but some ripped games wont accept a no-cd patch.

    Also, ISOBuster ( I think ) can fix corrupted .iso's. Someone remind me, it's been a while.

    Later taters,

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