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Thread: How To Get Around Nat?

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    I'm running Windows 98SE, I just got that BT client Azerzus or whatever, and I was doing a test to listen in on one of my ports, the test gave me a NAT error, how do I fix this? I have ADSL and am on a network, connected via a switch and I connect to ADSL with a router...

    What do the different BT color lights mean? should I maybe just get the stable build of shadows client? Will that do everything I need it to? Can it run multiple torrents?

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    Click on the coloured light and it'll explain what each colour means.
    I use Shadows Experimental, it's very good and can handle multiple downloads.

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    To solve the nat thing, you need to forward the ports on your router, theres a guide in the tips section of the bittorrent part of this board. theres also lots of tutorials online, and will be instructions in your router manual

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    To foward ports try this.

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    Similar problem... but the ports already are forwarded for me... any advice? I'm on a wireless network, could that cause a NAT error?

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    If the problem persists it may be that you've forwarded the ports to hte wrong ip address (bear in mind that unless you set your computers network address to be static it may change).
    Or maybe your router has firewall capabilities which are interfering, personally i had to turn off a router firewall setting called "block anonymous requests". Try fiddling with your routers firewall/security settings and see if you can find soething that works.


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