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Thread: G3 Torrent

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    i use G3 and am getting a little concerned.

    i use sygate which shows which programs are running and it constantly shows G3 running and supposedly receiving/sending packets

    however i do not have the program running and a check in task manager confirms this.

    why is sygate showing it running? its not like it hasnt had time to refresh as i will find it there hours after i last used it
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    if its sending packets the program is still open.. maybe the torrent is just uploading a part or sending an announcement. are you sure it isnt in the task manager?

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    After I was seeding a few torrents for a couple days, I then quit for a couple WEEKS but I was still seeing ip connection attempts on my router log. Turns out, my ip was somehow put into the torrent information and/or tracker information -- at least locally for a few users who were continuing to try to connect to me.

    NOTE: I WASN'T using the standard ip ports 6881-6899 at the time either!

    In short, this is more or less normal behavior for BitTorrent. Just because YOU are offline or no longer running BitTorrent doesn't mean EVERYONE knows you are.


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