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Thread: Rap Is Crap With A Capital C

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    nicely said my friend, close this thread already

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    Message to the MODS :

    Please close this pointless thread now.

    Thank you.

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    I have PMed NikkiD and Jetje to close it so...I am sure it will be closed, hopefully deleted. Makes the board look ugly.

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    Originally posted by adthomp@19 March 2003 - 06:59
    I dont listen to comercial shit I listen to bands u wouldn't have herd of nethoremore iced earth in flames acid bath stone temple pilots take that in min asshole
    Shit man, im a HUGE metal and rock fan, Rap isnt my prefered genre but i can mention a few bands that have rap in them

    Biohazard - Hardcore, fuckin brutal and rap

    Anthrax - enuff said tbqfh

    Everlast - Lazy chilled out rock, good music with, wait for it, the house of pain front man rapping AND singing! (how untalented)

    Asian dub foundation - Excelent music, excelent people

    Hybrid UK - Im sure u have heard of this band, since u know all the underground bands (i doubt u have)

    Theirs more im sure, but none that come straight to my head, but its just to prove a point mate, they have skill, all rappers do (well alot neway) id like to see u try it. Im not a fan of rap, but at the end of the day, Music is about expressing yourself, ppl like to lay really heavy and house rattling bass lines down and "talk" about Their experiences and feelings, even if u dont like the music, don't slate it. Try listening to the lyrics, not all music has to b played with a guitar and drums and bass, and as for using drum machines look at fear factory

    And another thing, whats the point in making a thread about saying u dont like music? I dont like country and western but im not gonna make a thread saying "all country music is shit and i wanna tell all u anonymous people about it!" Seems u have alot of issues, get out more looking from ur quote.

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