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Thread: A Thank You To The Mods.

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    I'd like to thank the mods and administators of this board for the changes they've been making. I find the board more navigable due to the new 'worlds' section and the 'other p2p programs' in 'filesharing'. Especially, the latter.

    I don't know how many of y'all have visited the forums for other p2p programs, but I can tell you, for eMule, they aren't especially helpful. I know, I've seen questions about other p2p programs before a seperate category was made for them and many of the responses were pretty much unhelpful or snide. Now, however, ppl are answering questions with useful information.

    I know this is a forum about kazaalite, but it could be more, and is more really. I don't look at the board every day. I have too much to do, but every time I come back, I see changes here and there and I think it's cool that the forum is growing.

    I just want to say that I think you guys are doing a great job.

    I also have a small about, either in off topic or in any catagory you choose.........a 'suggestion' board. It may sound silly, but we have suggestions on forum improvment all over the place. I think it would make some small sense to have a single location for suggestions like we have for tips etc. Of course, this goes without saying that it means more work for the mods but then ppl could have their say and voice their opinions regarding suggestions and it would be much easier to guage the popularity of it.

    Well, time to crash. Ciao.

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    i second that all of the changes which the mods have been working on (moving all those threads to the new sections ) is definately going to make this board easier to navigate and so forth - plus we can contain certain members in certain sections *cough*FC*cough*

    So THANK YOU :beerchug:

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    a suggestion forum.....maybe a sticky in 'about our websites and this forum' could be enough? It's not like people are suggesting usefull things all the time...

    And yes, ofcourse: THANK YOU GUYS!

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    yeah good work mods....
    ive used klite from the very beginning,
    and just joined this group forum about a month ago, and its awesome....
    new posts all the time....decency in most of the forums, and lots of help for newbs....

    Thanks Again!!!

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    What can I add, not much beside the fact that I think a sticky as Skweeky suggested would be enough and:

    Thank You

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    i have no complaint for mods they r doing thir work fine


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