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Thread: Kazaa Help

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    Hi, I'm downloading from a user who pm'd me to say that if I didn't allow remote browsing that I "could kiss downloads goddbye"...

    I have absolutely no idea what this means. I'm sharing 'My Shared Folder' as well as a few personal folders which contain music and ebooks...

    Can anyone help...I pm'd him/her back but have not heard anything and the downloads that I'm downloading from him/her have stopped...

    This is all new to me...


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    You found an ar** wipe either take the tick out of the box "don't allow others to see my files" (something like that) or find another source.
    If the tick is in they can't see your sharing although you know you are and KaZaa will show your files in a search to others.

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    I can't find anything like that...

    He pm'd me back to say that it was under Tools - Options - Privacy...but I don't have an Options in the Tools so I tried under options and still can't find anything!!!

    I'm using Kazaa Lite K== v2.4.3

    Completely stuck

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    It's in :-

    Options (Menu)
    KazaaLite K++ Options (Menu Entry)
    K++ Options (Tab)
    Privacy (Group Box)

    ...and it's called "Users Can't Get a List of all your shared files".

    The reason it's turned on by default is for your privacy and protection. If you turn it off be aware that ANYONE can see exactly what you have in your shared folder..

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    here, if you're using kazaa lite 2.4.3,
    on main screen, Options(tab) -> Kazaa Lite K++ options -> traffic(tab) then take the check outta the "disable sharing of files with others"..

    hope it helps

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    Thanks, people,

    Just out of interest...does anyone advise switching it off or putting it on or what?


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    If he's your only sourse get what you want then put it back on, I don't use KaZaa much now but always left mind on when i did (or do).

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    i say dont put on the check since if you do so then people wont get the files they want from u and some might block you from downloading their files like the person that told u in your first post in this topic

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    I have messengers blocked view my files blocked and i do just fine.

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    fuck em
    that their for your privacy, anyone who turns it off is a idiot
    not to mention the fact you're still using a outdated p2p, much better out there without fakes and virus's

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