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    Has anyone successfully downloaded and installed No One Lives Forever 2? I've tried downloading it twice, and as far as I can tell, it just isn't going to install.

    I've got the image burned to disc, but the installation is using some kind of CRC method which prevents pirates from copying it. Any ideas?

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    I also downloaded it twice from kazaa, and corupted both I got it from Direct Connect instead..and it works fine

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    did you opened the file with daemond tools or cdrwin?

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    if the files that u downloaded corrupted, try downloading them from Emule.....

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    I have the rip version and it will not work? Only the server online mode .exe file will!

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    ive downloaded it from emule and kazza twice, no errors on cd mage and both times they have the exact same crc errors, the game will run, but it will not load levels, its always a loading screen then ii hit esc and it says problem loading savegame, also the menu background seems darker then usual but that could just be me, the crc errors are on GAME.REZ files. someone plz help


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