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Thread: Connections Forcefully Closed With Peer Guardian

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    Hey guys.

    After worrieing so much about my privacy, yet, wanting to share, i decided to check out this peer guardian. Knowing I have many "key/hot" files, brand new movies, and apps that are hunted for by their copyright owners, i wanted to test this out.

    Any how, since running it, in like an hour i have had 15 connections from BayTSP blocked.... if you dont know they are, they are the leading "cops" of the DMCA.... Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Wanna know how big of assholes these guys are.... they dont even have a published, or known place of business... just a post office box... ya... that bad...

    So, im not trying to make anyone paroniod, or anything that like, so dont flame, this for my own knowledge. Does this mean for sure that they were checking out my files? What exactly could, or does this mean?

    Let me know when you can, thanks.

    Also... is there a site to get updated IP block lists, as the one that was recommended seems to be down.

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    They have a website thats worth taking a look at. Just do a Google search.

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    occassionaly the ips in peerguardian are out if date or incorrect but it could have been that they were on the list of bad ips

    the updated ip list was posted on here a little while back i believe and u can also get it from the UTC forum just do a search for it (not sure how updated those are though)

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    The ip ranges for various net cops tends to be static -- and if they change/go down it'll probably be a long while before some dot-bomb ISP buys them up and starts running p2p filesharing programs on them.

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    run zone alarm.........


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