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Thread: Limewire Basic Vs Limewire Pro

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    According to the official website the latest basic version of limewire contains "no spyware, no adware, no trojan horses" Can anyone here confirm this? And if this is the case, then why are people still bragging about having the "clean" PRO version?


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    i dont really know but they might be bragging becasue the Pro version has more options

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    I can confirm for sure that LimeWire/LimeWire Pro has no adware, or spyware. I've used SpyBot S&D and SpySweeper with all of the latest detections and nothing has came up. Any who cares about what the differences between basic and pro? Oscar and I offer the Pro version for free.

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    pro works fine .. no serious adware probs wid that ..
    bearshare suxx

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    LimeWire Pro doesn't have the ad and the nag of upgrading to the Pro version, and Pro supposedly allows for faster file transfers etc

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    limewire prois better and quicker

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    I agree that Limewire Pro is faster and also offers Turbocharged connections to the network.

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    didn't notice any major changes in dl speeds when i upgraded to pro.... the user interface is kinda bland though... both versions need better skins

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    just use the opensource version frostwire

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