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Thread: Downloads Slow Down To Almost 0

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    When i search for a file i see many users but when i start downloading, there's only 1 or 2.Then downloading starts fast but eventually it drops down to almost 0.
    What can i do ?
    (I've seen this asked before but none of the suggestions helped)

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    you can try to goto ur kazaa options and make lower or higher the maximum number of sources to download from, or every time it goes to 0 then pause and resume the download again

    hope it somehow helps


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    Thanks for your reply

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    Yes and don't have too many files in your downlaod queue.

    Eg At one stage I had about 120 in mine as I wanted to get these files and was wating for them to d/l. But not much happened.

    Then I cut the number way down to about 50 and I find that I get more files starting to d/l.

    I have heard that one should not have too many files shared eg about 1,000 is the maximum once again it slows things down again.


    What color is your Adkaf ?

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    Thanks for your reply


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