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Thread: Whats Telesync And Telecine?

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    Anyway, what exactly is a telesync and telecine?

    I've just starting using BT and it so much better then Kazaa lite. You never get fakes and the downloads are faster.

    From what I see you can tell if a dl really is DVD quality by the size of the file. If the movie is supposed to be DVD but is only 600mb then the quality is going to be shit. CAM's just ruin the movie. It's best to just wait for the screener or the DVD.

    It sucks when you dl a screener you've been after for ages, only to find out it's in spanish Most of the blockbusters are made in the US, why do the spanish seem to get DVD quailty screeners first? I've noticed the spanish leave more seeds open than everyone else. They must get great dl speeds!

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    hmm u asked a questions and u go on talking about other stuff. anyways i have no clue wahat ur talking about this spanish talk but it usually says what language it is

    telesync is a cam but with better audio usually taken from the hearing impared thingy
    telecine is just the movie which passes through a telecine machine. in these machines, you put the movie reel and it will make a digital copy


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