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Thread: Azureous

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    alright i have cable and usually can d/l at around 1mb/s but when i'm using azureous i can only dl at around 2kb/ do i d/l faster? the total speed says i can d/l at around 1000kb/ there obviosuly enough sources........any help?? thanks

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    i got the same upload is at 50kb/s but my d/l is only 30kb/s
    why is my uploads faster???

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    you can adjust your upload speed in the settings, look around.

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    its spelled azureus and if you have a router, just forward the port it is using. if u rather not do taht u can use the latest one which can use UPnP mapping.

    if thats not the case. u might have a firewall so just allow usage of the port it is using


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