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Thread: Weird Connection Problem

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    I don't really know where to start with this problem. Well, for starters, I have an HP laptop with WinXP Home edition. On my desktop computer, I just plug in my network cable, and the connection is detected automatically, and everything works fine. When I plug the cable into my laptop, the "no connection detected" icon disappears, and the computer claims that I am connected and everything works fine. If I go to "My Network Places", I can view the other computers on my network, but I cannot access files on them. Obviously, my internet does not work either. The weird part about this problem is, that this doesn't always happen. Sometimes, I can connect just fine (Like right now, for instance). The problem is, I can't figure out what's different between when I can connect, and when I can't. From what I can tell, I can never connect when I first start up, but something else has to happen for me to be able to connect. (For instance, sometimes a Reg Scan will work, and other times, the connection just has to be active for a while). One thing that seems to work is running Norton's WinDoctor. Most of the time, after running this (whether or not it actually fixes anything on the computer) I can connect. Of course, there are also times when even this does not work. If anyone needs any more info, please ask. I'd really like to figure this out. I have cleaned out my registry, scanned for spyware/viruses, tried a Winsock repairing program, and followed a step-by-step troubleshooting guide on HP's website. Thanks for any help.

    I originally posted this on, and got a lot of good help, but nothing they suggested worked.

    I ran Spybot and removed everything. I ran CWShredder and removed an entry it found. I tried unloading the temp files.

    I also uninstalled the network connection, and reinstalled it. I posted a HJT log, and there were no problems.

    I was wondering if someone here could please help.

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    thanks for those! I'll try them tomorrow, and let you know how it turns out.

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    Yeah, I tried those, and none of them worked. Thanks for the help, but does anyone else have any ideas? Thanks.

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    right m8 im not sure what u mean but let me tell u what happens to me. tell me if this is what is happening 2 u

    i have only 1 network card so when i want 2 nework my pc up with my laptop there is no problem. but when i put my cable modem back into my pc my internet connection dose not work. so what i have 2 do is go to control panel/systems and uninstall my net work card and reinstall it. when it reinstalls my internet connection works again

    is this sort of the same problem u r having????

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    no, I've tryed that too. It doesn't always work. What happens is that my network plug can go in and out of my Desktop PC just fine. I just plug it in, and the internet works. On my laptop, it's different. I don't know of a simpler way to put it, but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I've tryed my best to narrow down the problem to one thing, but I've been unsuccessful. One thing I know for sure is that the internet will never work when the computer first boots up. It always takes at least ten minutes to work. I can leave it sit for half an hour sometimes and nothing, but other times, I can get it to work in ten minutes. Thanks.


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