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Thread: Updating

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    For some bizarre reason only 81 users are registered as using Kazaa Lite at the moment.
    I'm just wondering if perhaps my version isn't compatible anymore (it's version 2.4.3)
    Anyway, I went to and it appears I have to pay for membership??
    This is obviouly wrong, but I thought this was the site that K Lite was based upon as I reached it via the program itself, not through a search engine etc... so I'm a bit confused now.
    Can anyone tell me first of all whether it's just some wacky coincidence that only 81 other people are online only with Kazaa or that my software is out of date.
    Plus any links/help etc to upgrade would be much appreciated.

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    OK so after restarting Kazaa 3 times it finally admits to there being just a few more people online... weird.
    Anyway, my question about still stands. Is it an "official" website and if not why is the link on the actual software?
    Any tips on which newer version of kazaa works best for them would be very helpful as well. Thank you.

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    You don't have to pay for membership!!never!

    You can find al the latest free versions of k-lite and any other p2p program on this forum.

    version 2.4.3 is not out of date so that's not the problem.
    Stick with it,it's the most stable version out there

    And for the 81 users online...try resqtarting k-lite and see if that helps.

    But I must say,it does seem like a slow day on the fasttrackNetwork
    I just opened mine and I see that there are only 99,563 users online

    They're all on holiday i guess B)


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    Thanks for your prompt reply... I'm reading over 2.2 million now which sounds about right.
    I was pretty convinced that you didn't have to pay for filesharing as it's pretty adamently stated all over this forum. But I think I'll stick with this version if it keeps doing it's job.


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