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    come on guys..... Im no trekkie but Ive been lookin for this for aaaaaaaaaaaages and I want to play it (without having to pay 30) Ive had a version of kazaa but had problems with it, wen I start it up it asks for Direct X 8.1 or better to be installed even though Direct X 9 is installed..... so help is appreciated

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    ill pop down to the game shop later and see if they have it and i will put a hash up for u but if u really are desperate for it check out emule or BT or something but i seriously doubt that its not on the fastrack network

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    i seriously doubt that its not on the fastrack network
    question... is the fastrack network the network that emule uses??
    if it is then Ive tried gettin it on there but wen I try and get it emule just finds sources for ages and doesnt start downloading

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    So? is anyone following up on this post at all? folk dont leave me hanging dry here. Some1 post the non-corrupt hashes for starfleet command 3. I tried both win98 and win2k but both time it said some shit about directx problems. However I think it's something wrong with the game itself.

    Emule? doesn't kazaa uses fasttrack as well?


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