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Thread: Kazaa Lite

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    i have kazaa lite 2.1.0 installed on my pc and it will not connect i have spybot s&d can this be my problem

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    No. I have Spybot and have no probs with KLite. You have an old version anyway. Uninstall and check out this link for a newer version of KLite. Uninstall the old one and use the latest listed 2.6 or KMD Tools which I use.

    To be honest, you'll be better off using BItTorrent or mIRC. The FastTrack network is loaded with virii and fakes. Both are extremely low on BT or mIRC. Go here for BItTorrent help and here for mIRC.

    Later taters,

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    Spybot doesnt effect KLite, but if you got the new version of KLite and it still doesnt work, then if you still wanna use the fastrack network then you might wanna try KazaaLiteK++

    Click here for the download links of Klite, KliteK++ and others


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