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Thread: Alternative To Virtualdub?

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    Can anybody recommend me an alternative to VirtualDub. Wel,, I dont know if its gonna help at all, but with the latest official stable klite codec pack i cant use VirtualDub to split movies. it has problems with xvid -- some message comes up. Heard there is a bug to xvid 1.0 -- so I upgraded the xvid codec but did not help. So should I try another splitting program or just uninstall the codec pack and install the older version of klite codec pack (was it 25)?

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    Anybody ???

    Is the software forum dead or something??

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    Whats wrong, guys??

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    I haven't found anything quite like VirtualDub, so I couldn't give you any recommendations. I suppose you could try VirtualDubMod, as it might give different results.

    Also, you could tell us what the errors you get are - there might be some other way to get around them...
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    Hey there... well I figured I would give a couple suggestions since I only saw one response. You can either try Nan Dub, which is basically another type of Virtual Dub, but it does other things from my understanding.

    I would also suggest a program called WINSPLIT which I just used. It took about 12 mins or so to split a movie that was around 1.5 gig.

    Check it out:,17120,00.asp

    Download link is on the bottom right after the description of the utility.
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    Thanks guys,

    well, tried VirtualDubMOD - -and it worked. So Ill stick with it. Dunno, why the mod works and the original does not ... but its all good.


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