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Thread: Im Moving On...

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    Im moving on...thats right im just had enough of it all and its pissing me off so iv decided thats it.

    So you guys have to convince me why to ditch IE for FireFox I don't mind IE but im into the whole customising thing and wanna try it but i wanna know what's the bad points about it and what are the good points .

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    its the extensions i love: All-in-One Gestures, TabBrowser Preferences, and of course Adblock

    then there's the quick searches, IE just feels clunky now

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    Don't know what kind of help you're looking for, links or opinions.

    My opinion - Stick with IE. Firefox is no big deal. I had it and went back to IE. But again, that's my opinion, there are some that think Firefox is a Godsend.

    If you want links, look here and here.

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    Okay well just insatlled and im pritty happyt so far, now whats the best ad on thingys everyones talking about and whats a good theme altho default is quite nice.

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    Firefox is worth a try. I've started using it as my main browser (dunno if I'll keep it yet) and there's a lot of things I like about it.

    Give it a trial run and if you don't like it you can always go back to IE

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    I've got both, is that worng? should I have one or the other?

    I got FF because I always crash on IE and no-one seems to be able to work out why

    On FF I have no crashes
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    Doode Peerzy no fkn way man dont leave the fkn NON Tabbed world minus Xtras

    You got me worried there


    I use
    Tabbed Extensions
    View with 'IE
    Clone Window
    Compact Menu
    Image Zoomer
    X 0.3 (Paranoia)
    Download Statusbar

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    A real good looking theme is Noia2



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