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Thread: How Large Is Amazon Large?

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    Hey all ... tis 1am and I've spent the last hour or so looking for something to order online. Not sure what though, finally chose an mp3 player .. which can't ship to the uk =( so have moved onto clothes .. picked a few items .. but have 3 options ...


    how am meh supposed to know which to go for? ... am about 5"8 at the moment of a bit less then average build (less fat, more toned =p) .. which size should I go for. Out of the 4 items picked .. tempted to go two on each .. but I'd rather have them all fit. =p

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    I'd go with medium unless you like a baggy fit in which case go for large. Are they a particular brand cos some are larger than others?
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    I do like a kind of baggy fit .. though you probably right I should go for medium. Don't have a mans physique yet but neither do I wanna walk with a top where my nipples have spiked through due to being so tight. I'm a male, so that shows how tight it could be. Anyone here had experience ordering a 'medium' top from and could report back? =)

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    i'm 5'10'' and i go for medium sizze and it fits good, not tight or anything...i rekon u shud go for the medium, definately not small.

    EDIT: but then again i never bought clothes from the internet. if the clothes are in a clothes shop just go and try em' on and see what size, then go home and buy online.
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