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Thread: Photoshop Cs Error?

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    Photoshop CS comes in an exe file. When I try to run it my dos windows says "program too big to fit in memory". This is the file with 30 + users. Can anyone assist me? Thanks

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    how much ram have you installed? thats a wierd error, post back with how much ram you have and also your OS B)

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    I've got 512 Ram, windows XP. This has never happened before. I think its the file
    =(. I shoulda know to download a .zip or .rar file before a .exe =(. Sighh another 2 hour download for me(unless you know how to fix)

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    if you download it again make sure you get the TDA release and not the Paradox one as it has a lot of issues

    verified TDA version, if you use kazaa


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