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Thread: Kazaa

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    Hi I have just started using KaZaa Lite so at the moment everything is a bit trial and error and I am no computer genius. Therefore can anyone help me with this problem. I am trying to download Shrek2 but all copies are vcd cam files, which seems to be problem when I try and play them there is no sound or picture. All the other files I have downloaded have been fine playing back in Windows Media Player. I have tried opening the files with WIN DVD4 and DIVX player but it doesn't make any difference. Are they fakes or has anyone any ideas I have tried several versions of Shrek 2 but they are all the same.

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    kazaa is more fakes than correct files

    but install the mega codec pack (elsewhere on this board) to check it

    (if you want speedy downloads, but hardly any fakes, search this board for other P2P software...... i personally recomend eMule, Bit torrent slsk or DC(++))
    great FTP site for awesome quality video clips
    yeah, you have to sign up, but its worth it

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    I tried to download the megacodec pack but it said the files were corrupt so I guess I will try one of the others.

    Cheers anyway


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