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Thread: Klyte Majpr Problems

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    I've used KLyte for years and though its been slow lately I've still been able to DL. I's now impossible!!!!! I've installed, uninstalled, etc, tried no firewall (never been a problem), no anti virus, using the latest KaZupernodes, etc. Using 2.43, tried Clean, etc, no diff!! they all suck now.

    Symptoms: within the past few days I can't DL anything. Should I get a hit on a file it starts at 50 then gets to 0.02 within 5 seconds and nothing DL's or maybe 1 kb (SMALL K) pr day!!!! The only other situation I see that has changed is KaZuprnoides now seems useless. Whatever saved node I hit, unless its a Klyte node, it returns some unknown node to which I connect. Even then, not always connecting to the Klyte in my Favorites. I can find files by the ton!!! Looks like whatever has happened has essentially rendered Klyte a useless programm. Woinder if RIAA has finally found a disruption program?

    ANY IDEAS? I share at high speeds with almost 200 gig of files but no hits to UL except for occassional leeches. I have 20 files of 800 -1500 Meg that need only 10 - 100 meg to finish and they're dead in the water!!!!! Would go to WinMX but haven't found a program that converts .dat files to WinMX files. HELP!!!!

    Would appreciate any input.

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    I can't solve your problem but I can eliminate one area for you.

    This is not a net-based problem and is therefore almost certainly caused by your own PC. I am quite happily downloading at reasonable speeds and have uploaders coming on-line all the time.

    Have you got Ad-Aware and/or Spybot? Running these to eliminate any malware might help.

    When you have re-installed KLite have you checked the box to delete all previous files and registry entries? Doing this can help.

    Have you tried XPs system restore to go back to when your downloads worked well?

    Good luck!
    When all else fails - read the instructions!!!

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    Yes, yes, yes to all your questions. Its not my system.Trust me on this. If I can dl some file I have no interest in when resources are 30/60 at a speed of 125Kb then for sure its not my system.

    Been thinking and watching what's going on with my KL and have some ideas that may be hackers could respond to:

    Some time back I vaguely remember a posting that the new Kazaa denies Klyte from accessing on the New Kazaa Supernodes except for old Kazaa user nodes or Klyte users.

    I watch total # of sharers and see it change when a SN changes ... basically from over 2 million to around 100,000. Is it possible what we're seeing is when we hit a SN that accesses the entire platform we see the normal sharer #, when Klyte is blocked out because we've hit a new Kazaa program SN we only access Klyte nodes or something like that?

    Lastly, have also noted that the only way to get the vast number of files I want to finish dl is to start a new one to get the .dat tail then use KCF on the old file to make a new .dat file. I have to do this each time I restart Klyte for the given file. Always connects but its a pain.

    I do think its a system wide problem. True I'm looking for rarer large files but it seems what may also be happening is that somehow something is corrupting most of the dat files. Works great 1st time you start their dl, after than ... good luck.

    Have tried 203, 210b,e, 240, 241, 243 and cleanKMD244. Now use 243.

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    A lot of users ("newbies" and "experienced") have seen the vast drop of users online.But apparently that's solved by restarting K-lite again or jumping supernode.

    Something's defenitly "wrong" with the nodes or network,but I doubt that Sharman has found a way, or is willing to, ban k-lite users from the FastTracknetwork.

    Not really sure about it but i think that the numbers of K-lite users is far too high to exclude them from their network.

    Anyway,i won't let any sleep over it if he bans k-lite users.
    I will be using it as long as possible,but when that changes there are enough other p2p programs out there to fulfil your downloadneeds.

    Specially for rarer files,as you are looking for
    Maybe you could try emule,Mirc,newsgroups,SoulSeek to find what you're looking for.

    As far as i know K-lite has never been good for finding and succesfully downloading a rare file in reasonable time.

    But you can still use K-lite for the more common files without a problem.
    And for the version you're using(2.4.3)...keep it.
    It's the most stable version out there at the moment.


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    If it is rare files that give you trouble then this is no surprise.

    It took me 7 1/2 weeks to get Interstate 60 with the comp on 24/7. Speeds ranged from 90k's to 0 and the max users shown in K-Dat was no more than 16. Patience, a good book and regular searching are the only advice I can offer.
    When all else fails - read the instructions!!!

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    should redefine my "rare" files ... a few only have 1 source ... but most have 5 sources ... unless I get a fresh .dat "tail" and use KCF then restart Kylte they will not connect ..

    agree its probably Sharman hasn't .. thinking more of RIAA et alia

    not worrying about it anymore ...thanks for help


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