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Thread: Kazaa Lite ++ Never Connects

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    before formatting my harddisk this version was working correctly. but now a days whanever i start kazaa lite , it always shows in STATUS BAR..


    i was wondering is this problem posed to only me or anybody else knows the solution..?
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    correct, you're the only one ever that had this problem

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    and there must be a solution....?

    can anyone terll me?
    Crazy about filesharing

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    check your other threads

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    hey brother..

    i m just gona die due to this problem...and u r refering me here n there.
    Crazy about filesharing

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    ive got the same problem , i think it has something to do with the routing of the ports

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    That's just what my problem is... I formatted my disk a few days ago and installed K++ just yesterday again and now it just keeps saying connecting... anyone knows how to solve it?

    EDIT: YAY! I fixed it... Uninstall KLite, go to, download the newest you can find there and install it again... It seems to work again for me

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    thanks for all of your replies friends...........

    i installed the latest version . and it is working proprely. 2.4.3

    Crazy about filesharing


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