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Thread: Jumpers Buying Them.

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    Does anyone know where i can hold of a few of those tiny jumbers i need some for Audio reasons on my motherboard. I live in UK so anyone know website.

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    Livy's Avatar Simpleton
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    Mar 2003
    try a local computer shop, propbably your best bet, they may be able to sell you a few for a couple of p.

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    tesco's Avatar woowoo
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    Aug 2003
    Jsut find old computers in teh trash and take them from teh motherboard. Old P3 and older all have the fsb and multiplier selector on the motherboard, each using about 5 pins, so your for sure gonna find about 10 jumpers in one old computer*.

    * - considering that the old owner didn't already take the jumpers off.

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    Ah good point my grandad had a old pc he still has it lying around. Its a P1 100Mhz 1GB HDD and a really crap Grapics card and drivers and everything. Will this have some jumpers in.

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    that old thing will have some jumpers in it for sure. Old hard drives will have some in them too as well as older modems.

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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    Heh, I've got a toolbox full of stuff from computers people have thrown out... loadsa jumpers, fans, screws, bigger screws, tiny screws, standoffs, LEDs, buttons, switches, heatsinks (Socket7 ones are great for modern chipsets), cables, connectors, sheesh Mrs Chewie rekons I'm a hoarder but I use some of that stuff occasionally.
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