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Thread: K-lite Dieing :(

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    I've been using K-Lite for years and have never noticed 95,000 users online. Whats happening? Everybody scared of the RIAA these days? I have nothing I can download! People, come back!

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    in other news

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    Prodigy Girl's Avatar The Wrong Child
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    Originally posted by x3roXL@30 June 2004 - 21:43
    I've been using K-Lite for years and have never noticed 95,000 users online.  Whats happening?  Everybody scared of the RIAA these days?  I have nothing I can download!  People, come back!

    It dropped that much?

    Last time I bothered to use Kazaa, there were about 2.5 million users connected. The most I've ever seen was a little over 4 million. So maybe more people got sick of dealing with the flood of files that were corrupted, misnamed, or had bad quality.

    Have you tried using the other P2P programs? If not, you might want to do so.

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    Ive never seen a number that low........EVER...usually 2.5 - 3.1 Million users

    maybe try a different supernode?
    Protect me from what I want!

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    Out of The Ordinary
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    Most people use other P2P programs now, and yeah what Prodigy Girl said


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    K-lite Dieing , I thought it died already..... i mean everbody who has used it is using other programs now.... like Bittorrent , DC++, Soulseek n ect...

    k-lite = dead full of fakes and no shares....

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    HOLY SHIT... I just check now. I had like 80,000

    Keep jumping Supernodes... I got back 2 Mill after a while....

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    I am stuck around 80,000 - 90,000 mark.... I Only got 2 mill twice so far. That could be just a fluke....

    I think the end is near... :

    Or maybe this is K-lite forming it`s own network now...

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    Hi friends

    Last night (western europe time) it was over 3 mill users. Suddenly it dropped to only around 90 000. This morning it was only around 75 000 user. Then I did Jump Supernode, and the number of users popped up to well over 2 mill, which is normal this time of the day. I'll bet it will be 3 mill as usual tonight again. It's around 3 mill every night since quite some time ago.

    So, is Kazaa dying? Not at all!

    (But there seem to be a lot of "the death of Kazaa is near now" from some people every time something that can be interpreted as negative happens... Why? Well, I don't know, but they apparently have their reasons)

    Bottom line: We should not put too much trust in the estimate of number of users online that Kazaa is showing.

    (I'm running Kazaa Lite 2.43)


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    well a majority of kazaa users put out fakes/Virii
    most people have migrated to better apps

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