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    Hi ppl. Just wondering if anyone has downloaded and used longhorn yet if so i would like to know what it is like and is it worth downloading at present time?? Cheers

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    i recommend using for only testing purposes and not as your SOLE operating system
    if u decide to try Longhorn i STRONGLY advise u to use the steps and settings in:

    File:Longhorn 4008 Install and Optimize Guide.doc
    Length:110080 Bytes,108KB

    this guide will make ur Longhorn as good (or stable) as it can possibly be at this stage in development. B)

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    Don't install as mian OS. it sux really badly and has many bugs and is in alpha stage. If u really want to try it out. Make a seperate partition for it and install it on their and then dual boot. That way if u encounter many probs u can delete that partition. I recomend getting Partition Magic 8.0. It can tell u ow to do everything i described very easily.

    Good Luck

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    yeah...i install all these os's for like a half hr...i like the expierence of checking them out...

    Longhorn, Neptune, 99, etc...


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