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Thread: The Day Henman Hill

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    damn...when the guy gonna win. i know it mst be hard, but is he ever going to win???
    what u lot u lot even care
    I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.

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    He's a decent player, but the guy never will win wimbledon (or another grand slam)
    he just misses the finess that guys like Federer, Ferrero, Roddick, Hewitt posesses... They can win a match without plaing their best game. If Tim doesn't play his best game.. he loses, a 2 week tournament is too long for him It's just the last 1% between being good and being GREAT....

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    He'll never win because he's a pussy.

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    I wear an Even Steven wit
    he's had the same haircut for 10 years. he doesn't deserve to win.

    there is only one reason to watch Wimbledon:

    c'mon sharapova!

    I plan on beating him to death with his kids. I'll use them as a bludgeon on his face. -

    --Good for them if they survive.

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    lol...ur right...check these pics of kournikova:

    I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.


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