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Thread: Alternative To Windows M Player

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    as i need to get sum tracks of my cd on the comp ...... wmp gets them offf in the wma audio format ...... i dont mind it but at 128kBps it takes too much space...soo.. does anywone knw any other prog (free) out there to get musiq of cd's in the mp3 format ?? at abt 128 - 320 kBps


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    pwn3d by drm
    how bout you try winamp or are eac and lame

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    thanx found that useful.... but wtf ?? "pwn3d by drm "

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    Exact Audio Copy is apparantly the best program.

    I can't say for sure becuase it doesn't detect my cd drives.

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    cdex is good too.

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    i dont mind it but at 128kBps it takes too much space
    at abt 128 - 320 kBps
    You've contradicted yourself there my friend.

    While there are many other software titles for ripping music, all of them will create larger file sizes in the higher bitrates you've posted.



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