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Thread: Klite Alternatives?

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    Since Klite seems to be going away, can someone offer me a simple, easy to use alternative for downloading tv shows? I am especially looking for episodes of 24. I am not too up on all this stuff, so something really simple that uses really small words would be nice.

    Thanks, Kevin

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    a well

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    Or Overnet Lite, best to read the forums for different types and get a feel for what seems okay.

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    Hey i use its great for downloading movie and tv files.(U NEED BURST AND WIN ACE to download and open them.
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    try BT

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    ive tried ...

    - shareaze (too slow since it usually downloads off edonkey clients)
    - edonkey & emule (takes days to dl a file)
    - WinMx (dont like the interface its too cluttered & u have to wait forever in line to dl a file)
    - Bitorren (couldnt get it to run)
    - Mirc (good program overall but it takes too much time to learn, time i dont have)
    - Blubster (awesome download speed but only for music and they seem to have very limited amount of files)

    so far the only ones ive liked and use are

    + Kazaa Lite (still useful for music videos and songs , some videos too and the interface is easy to use)

    + Overnet (pretty good program for downloading files in the 200mb+ range , altho sometimes it can get you mad sitting there for hours downloading at a rate of 5-15kbps total off of 4 people if you download files with many sources you will usually get download speeds of 30-100kbps average as long as you share 20kbps+ upload to get unlimited download bandwith)

    + Ares (Very good program its very similar to what kazaa used to be before the RIAA went after it ... most files you search for are found even the rare ones and the interface is very clean and simple to use, most of the time you receive speeds of 25kbps+)

    I tend to like programs that you can just type what you want in the search bar and find what your looking for instead of haveing to find all these websites to download them off newsgroups ,etc .... simple and clean

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    IMHO kazaa is not dying. i mean ares has good download speed. but how many users are in it? how about getting old/rare files in ares? of course emule/edonkey is good for old/rare files. but then true to its name it is too slow and long queues. and torrent network is yet to spread wide what with seeding and stuff. not for the slow ones like myself.

    in kazaa u get a fairly good combination of recent and old files. plus no queues. simple and complex searches depending on your taste. and speed is not bad.


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