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Thread: Application File

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    hi, i know little about PC'S. I downloaded GTA VICE CITY. Trouble is that the file appears as an application file, a squarish file. Normally I would double click on it and it would open it.But this type is different.Is this only one part of a bigger file?Thanks for any help

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    how big is it?

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    Where did u get it?

    Please dont say Kazaa

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    Right-click the item you downloaded... what file type is it?
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    I actually DID get a good copy of GTA:VC off of Kazaa....I think it has 2 install disks with 1 additional disk needed 4 playing (I cant quite remember...but I'm sure it is not just 1 file for download)
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    Unless its a rip.
    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.

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    Right-click the item you downloaded... what file type is it?
    Since you don't know much about pc's, singaboiy means right click and choose 'properties'. Also, check tthe filename. If it ends in .zip.exe or .rar.exe, for example, just right click, choose 'rename' and remove the .exe.

    The extra .exe is added to help in filesearches since executables show up better in searches than .zip, .rar, .iso, and so on. It also makes it easier to keep up with in Kazaa lite, as KLite's 'MY Kazaa' will automatically put .exe's in the software section while .zip's and such wind up in the 'other' folder. If you edit the value tags of the files like I do, it makes it a damn site easier.

    If none of this helps, just post back with more info and we'll all try again. Singaboiy knows his shit and has already volunteered, so keep it coming

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    To change the name, do this:

    open teh folder with the file>tools>folder options>check show extensions for known file types>go to ok>now right click the file you download>rename>change the .exe part to whatever you want.

    probably .zip or .rar.


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