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Thread: So Called Sharing!

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    What is the point in some of these downloads if people are not sharing or cancelling uploads. I,ve been trying to get some files and peoples names come up who have the file then there name dissapears obviously because they are cancelling. What is the point if you are not letting others have the files???!!!!!
    From now on if anybody tries to uplaod from me I check to see there files, if they are not sharing then they don,t get the file they are trying to get off me!!!!

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    I don't think its going to do much telling us because most of us on the forum are all commited to sharing (I hope). But, yes I sometimes do the same, If there using a modem (uploading at 5k etc) I just allow them, it must be hard to share and download, close to impossible.

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    I also let them as them, them uploading at 5k is not going to effect me too much (and many others with broadband), but is,s the many selfish ones out there who just want to take and not give. We have all had dial up at some point.


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