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    I was trying to download spiderman 2 and i was searching in mIRC when I got a private message from someone saying that he was listed but was not a bot so please don't request from him and don't message him back. Im not really sure what this means but i noticed that part of his nick said Does this mean he is with the fbi or somethin, was i being watched, can i get in trouble. Help please I am kinda worried.

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    you're going to pound me in the ass prison
    the only way is to reformat your HD, and run bestcyrpt to erase everything
    make sure you destroy all of your illegal movies/games & software
    hurry, they're on there way to your house right now!!!!

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    lol...dont worry bout it, the fbi got better things to worry about, and if they were to be watching someone i dont think they would put (hence attracting attention).
    I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.

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    hah muchspl2, for a second i thought u were serious...not

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    Originally posted by originalmind88@1 July 2004 - 20:57
    hah muchspl2, for a second i thought u were serious...not
    So how does it feel having an empty harddrive again? your sig


  6. File Sharing   -   #6 seriously i download so much useless crap i really should reformat, which i may do really soon cause i got the winxp pro corp from my friend


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